Health and Fitness…It may not mean what you think it does!

During consultations one of the first questions I ask a potential client is WHY is this particular goal so important? Before embarking on any goal you should do a lot of soul searching about this question. It’s the lack of clear and concise answers that results in most failures.
We only have one life and you should make it your best, for your reasons and make sure you want what you wish for!
Being thin, doesn’t necessarily mean you are fit and it definitely will not guarantee happiness. Happiness comes from living in balance and honesty. You should work on ways to accept and love the person you are today. When this is accomplished then your goals will become exciting!
Balance in all that you do is a great part of acceptance. If you are depriving yourself of the joys in life all of the time in the name of fitness, you won’t be happy or stick with it. Also, if you are always searching for the latest fad in the health and fitness industry, frustration is likely to set in fast.
It SHOULD be about how feel, your energy level, listening to your body when to push and back off. Are you really hungry or is this emotional eating? If you can solve these issues, you are on your way to your inner champion.
Don’t make the mistake of trying to look a certain way for someone else. I guarantee you will not get the reaction you desire.
Instead, think about the emotional benefits of being happy and satisfied with your body now and quiet the judgmental voices that may surround you. Not only will you find the confidence to fulfill the goal you dreamed of, when you reach it your confidence will lead the way for others to follow you.


On most fitness blogs you will find the many bene
fits of exercise. While it’s true there are many, the one I feel is most important is confidence.

Growing up with asthma, I was always told the things I couldn’t do because of my condition. This left me always second guessing everything I did in my life. When I discovered how much exercising helped me feel better, my whole perspective changed.

As you become efficient with your fitness program, you will start to notice that you become fine tuned with everything that goes on with your body. When to push, back off and how to breathe to make your workout optimal. This starts to build physical confidence. When you have that kind of intuition,it carries over into the decisions you make on a daily basis. It pushes you to want to try new things and be the best version of you possible.

In my adult years, I have gone skydiving, ridden a century on a bike, rappled down a cliff just to name a few. These are accomplishments I didn’t even allow my self to dream of as a kid. Now, when I go into a challenging situation I can take the emotions I had during those times and know that if I jumped out of a plane…there is no stopping me!

This is why I feel that confidence is the most important benefit of fitness.

What Does Fitness Mean To You?

Remember when you first got up on your two-wheeler bike for the first time? The feeling of unyielding pride and joy! Of never wanting to stop and thinking you were on top of the world. That is the feeling of fitness!
When you wake up in the morning feeling refreshed, strong and confident this happens from eating healthy meals, exercising regularly, getting adequate sleep, balancing stress and living a positive lifestyle.
We can’t always control everything in our lives, but what we throw out comes back to us. What I mean by that is if you follow the five basic steps that I have touched on above in a positive way they will spiral back for you. But if you live in a “I’ll never look like the model in the magazine or I want to try the five-day diet and expect quick results” then you will never get anywhere fast.
Just like the two-wheeler bike it took patience and a lot of practice to get up and moving. Fitness is a lifestyle and a journey, not a destination!

Fitness Trackers, Are They Worth It? Absolutely!


Fitness trackers have come a long way from the days of the simple pedometers that we used to get so frustrated with due to the inaccuracy and constant resetting. Now they do everything from tracking your steps, sleep habits, heart rate, calories, stairs, just about every movement you make! It’s amazing technology and so valuable to keep you accountable and motivated in your quest towards a healthier lifestyle. It also helps track your progress and shows you when and where you might need improvement. Maybe, there is a certain time in the day where you are hitting a slump and this tracker will show you.

Many of my clients have aspired to walk 10,000 steps a day. Although they are finding that this goal is more challenging than they first anticipated. This is how I manag it in my busy schedule and I thought I would share it with you. I break it down hourly like this by 8am I make sure to get to 1000 steps, 9am 2000 steps, 10am 3000 steps until I reach my goal. This way I am not looking at my tracker at 2pm and seeing that I only have logged in 2000 steps for the day so far and start running around like Road Runner. This method has worked well for me and I hope it helps you too!

Stay Strong!

New Year…New You? How’s That Going?

Well, we have reached the second week of the new year and this is when it starts to hit most people who maybe those resolutions were just a bit too lofty!

The first week in most fitness facilities are full of very well-intentioned people starting a new lifestyle. Eating clean, working out like bandits and with great intentions however, by the second or third week most facilities see this amazing slow down. Why? Because, these very well-intentioned folks didn’t exactly have a well designed game plan or the right why am I doing this in the first place.

If you don’t figure out what put you in the place where you are in the first place a two month diet (first three letters) will not fix the problem.Make it a lifestyle change, which means it needs to start with some real soul-searching first! What/who and when are your triggers? This means what sends you over the edge into bad behaviors? It KILLS me when a healthcare provider or fitness industry provider tells a client that it’s a matter of willpower. REALLY? For many, it’s been proven it’s an addiction! You might as well tell them to cut off their arm. These are the issues that you have resolve first, or it will never be a success. You can overcome these obstacles and win! Be honest with yourself and meet the demons head on. With the right coach, support this CAN happen!

Once you do, you need a very specific action plan. Why is this important? How will you work around those triggers? Who will be there in a positive way to support you? Be time specific with your goals but realistic. Make sure you reward yourself for making your goal with a new golf club, or manicure. Do things you enjoy and be open to try new activities. This rule goes for nutrition as well. You might find a whole new world of foods that you enjoy that are healthy. Consistently grow with your action plan! Be specific however you might find that some things are not working for you so you may need to change it a bit and that’s alright. Have a good sense of humor as you may succeed at everything you do at first but that is how we learn. Keep your eye on the road, this is not a destination but a journey. Think of what you will feel like when you will be like when you have boundless energy, love what you see when you look in the mirror, confidence in all that you do and love life every minute. Now, take those thoughts and live them NOW! You are that champion now for taking this first step and don’t look back ever! You can do it!  IMG_0081

There Are NO Quick Fixes If You Want To Be Healthy!

Lap-Bands are on the rise and this is not a procedure that is a walk in the park or without risks! There are people who are getting this procedure whose body mass index is as low as 32. Anything under 31 is a good range for a BMI. This is getting out of control! Someone with a BMI of 32 with a little work could certainly get into a normal range safely and it wouldn’t take that long.

There is no diet (first three letters), that will magically make you thin in 3 days. There is no workout that will make you look like a body builder in a week. It takes consistency and it is a journey! It’s a lifestyle! You should think about your why? Is it really about your looks? Or do you want to feel better? Think about it!

Moderation is Key!

"Understand that the right to choose your own path is a scared privilege. Use it! Dwell in possibility!" ~ Oprah Winfrey
“Understand that the right to choose your own path is a scared privilege. Use it! Dwell in possibility!” ~ Oprah Winfrey

I was reading a post from a colleague the other day in Facebook and I have to tell you, it made me think about never stepping foot into another hospital in my life again. He was re-telling a story about a friend who had recently had a about a week-long stay in the hospital for a GI problem and the conditions for less than sanitary due to lack of personnel and supplies. What was my take away as a trainer?
We as an industry must step up our game and serve you as the public better than the medical community is treating you! Because you don’t want to end up getting sick.
Here are my tips as a fitness trainer and health coach for a healthy individual to maintain or increase their fitness base.

Nutrition is your first key: Stick to a Mediterranean Diet. In my opinion, it’s the healthiest overall diet out there. Drink water! Lose the soda, juice, limit the coffee (so you can sleep), and limit the alcohol (it’s just empty calories and it makes you do stupid stuff when you are over served).

Exercise: Find what you like to do and get out there and be active! Don’t let a trainer get in your face and make you do things that will harm you. There are trainers out here that will show you good form and encourage you the right way and listen to what you want. If you are doing an activity that you don’t like, guess what? It won’t last! Try new things, you never know if you will like them until you try. Lift weights, it can be your own body, bands, medicine balls, stability balls or free weights. Just to name a few, the options are many but the benefits are very real. Move away from the computer (yes, I going to as soon as I finish this!) and do read more. Stop watching so much TV, it stunts your mental capacity and it makes you bottom heavy. (Really). Go outside. Get some fresh air!

Sleep! It’s so under rated. If you get 7-8 hours a night, your out look on life will be so much better. Your health will be much improved as will your energy level to do the things that I mentioned above.

Socialize. Studies show that connections (other than on the internet) are good for your soul. It decreases stress, which leads to the hormone cortisol, which leads to fat stores. You might even find a workout buddy.

It doesn’t need to be extreme. Lifestyle changes can be moderate and still be very beneficial. If you take these tips, use them consistently, I’m confident that you will not need magical pills or tricks to stay fit and healthy. This is the key for an optimal lifestyle.

On The Go Fitness and Health Gifts

I have started a new business that I am very excited about just in time for Father’s Day! If you have a sports, exercise or wellness loved one in your life that you would like to wow just give me a call or email! We can talk about their goal and I will put together a strength, stretching, nutrition or lifestyle tip program together program for them and lot’s of related goodies along with it for a super special unique gift. This is sure to please!IMG_0545

Preventative Care Is More Important Than You Might Think!

I know that most people like positive posts and blogs, but sometimes there needs to be a good dose of reality. I’m not going to spout off statistics of obesity and diabetes rise because I know you have probably been bombarded to death with that sort of stuff. I’m going to make it real. Taking it back several years ago when a relative was receiving chemo at an area hospital.

This was just as before they really started the initiative of cost saving measures in the medical industry. This particular Oncologist was a self-centered jerk and allowed his staff to double and triple book his schedule. Get the picture? His waiting room was extremely uncomfortable. So, all of these dying patients who were on borrowed time, very sick and scared were having to wait sometimes up to two hours before their appointment and treatment which would take up to another six hours in really horrid conditions. You don’t want to know what I said to him and his staff after about the second visit. This is not unusual nor is it isolated to this specialty.

Notice, I said this was before the cost saving measures started taking place and the cuts in personnel started. Now, you have overworked staff that feel they are under appreciated. I’m sure the atmosphere is MUCH better!

This is the time, if not for yourself your families to take action. Start small by making simple steps in your diet like exchanging water for soda. Walk after meals for 15-20 minutes. Make sure you are getting enough sleep at night. Stop going to fast food restaurants! Try a new sport, but ask a trainer to show you how to do it properly. Add something every week and you will see how the positive impact will snowball your energy. Make it a fantastic week!