Healthy Happy Lifestyles, Not as Unreachable as You Might Think

When you think of being healthy and happy, what comes to mind?

Looking forward to each day
Sleeping well at night
Looking at stressful situations as challenges ready to be taken on
Wanting to try new things
Seeking healthy food to fuel your body
Having a fun exercise program that you actually look forward to doing.
Seeing gratitude in little things and wanting to lift others up when possible

How do you get there? Let’s start right now!

Today’s assignment is to go for a walk and start to visualize your happy world. Nothing is off the table! Go home, write all of you ideas on paper, then prioritize  which ones mean the most and so on. Next to each idea list why this is important and what roadblocks have prevented you from getting there in the past. That’s it for today, not that hard..right? Come back tomorrow and lets build on your awesome start. Have a great day..make it happen!

Thin Is Not Always Fit!

The media has come a long way from the days of Twiggy. For those of you who may not know who that is, she was a famous model who was stick thin and everyone wanted to look just like her so starvation was key!

The fitness industry has come a long way in learning that being thin is not the way of being fit and healthy. In fact, there are studies out there that now say in middle age it’s good to carry a few extra pounds into your senior years. The ones that are super skinny run a higher risk of later having dementia.

For those of you who have been to a fitness facility or went through an assessment you know that one of the first things they do is a body composition. This is where many of the skinny people tend to get the shock of a life time. They find out about being skinny-obese! What is this? Our bodies are composed of muscle vs. fat, skin, bone, hair etc. The more muscle you have, the lower body fat percentage you rank. So, all the time that you have spent on the scale, while it is good to keep tabs on that number every so often, well you are starting to get the point. Body fat percentage is a more important number for health and fitness. You can be thin but fat at the same time if you don’t lift weights! That is the key.

Fitness is all about balance. Think about fitness like the legs of a table. A table has four legs and those legs would be strength, cardio, balance training and flexibility. You should spend equal time on all four and you will find your ideal health and fitness.