Health and Fitness…It may not mean what you think it does!

During consultations one of the first questions I ask a potential client is WHY is this particular goal so important? Before embarking on any goal you should do a lot of soul searching about this question. It’s the lack of clear and concise answers that results in most failures.
We only have one life and you should make it your best, for your reasons and make sure you want what you wish for!
Being thin, doesn’t necessarily mean you are fit and it definitely will not guarantee happiness. Happiness comes from living in balance and honesty. You should work on ways to accept and love the person you are today. When this is accomplished then your goals will become exciting!
Balance in all that you do is a great part of acceptance. If you are depriving yourself of the joys in life all of the time in the name of fitness, you won’t be happy or stick with it. Also, if you are always searching for the latest fad in the health and fitness industry, frustration is likely to set in fast.
It SHOULD be about how feel, your energy level, listening to your body when to push and back off. Are you really hungry or is this emotional eating? If you can solve these issues, you are on your way to your inner champion.
Don’t make the mistake of trying to look a certain way for someone else. I guarantee you will not get the reaction you desire.
Instead, think about the emotional benefits of being happy and satisfied with your body now and quiet the judgmental voices that may surround you. Not only will you find the confidence to fulfill the goal you dreamed of, when you reach it your confidence will lead the way for others to follow you.

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