On most fitness blogs you will find the many bene
fits of exercise. While it’s true there are many, the one I feel is most important is confidence.

Growing up with asthma, I was always told the things I couldn’t do because of my condition. This left me always second guessing everything I did in my life. When I discovered how much exercising helped me feel better, my whole perspective changed.

As you become efficient with your fitness program, you will start to notice that you become fine tuned with everything that goes on with your body. When to push, back off and how to breathe to make your workout optimal. This starts to build physical confidence. When you have that kind of intuition,it carries over into the decisions you make on a daily basis. It pushes you to want to try new things and be the best version of you possible.

In my adult years, I have gone skydiving, ridden a century on a bike, rappled down a cliff just to name a few. These are accomplishments I didn’t even allow my self to dream of as a kid. Now, when I go into a challenging situation I can take the emotions I had during those times and know that if I jumped out of a plane…there is no stopping me!

This is why I feel that confidence is the most important benefit of fitness.

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