New Year…New You? How’s That Going?

Well, we have reached the second week of the new year and this is when it starts to hit most people who maybe those resolutions were just a bit too lofty!

The first week in most fitness facilities are full of very well-intentioned people starting a new lifestyle. Eating clean, working out like bandits and with great intentions however, by the second or third week most facilities see this amazing slow down. Why? Because, these very well-intentioned folks didn’t exactly have a well designed game plan or the right why am I doing this in the first place.

If you don’t figure out what put you in the place where you are in the first place a two month diet (first three letters) will not fix the problem.Make it a lifestyle change, which means it needs to start with some real soul-searching first! What/who and when are your triggers? This means what sends you over the edge into bad behaviors? It KILLS me when a healthcare provider or fitness industry provider tells a client that it’s a matter of willpower. REALLY? For many, it’s been proven it’s an addiction! You might as well tell them to cut off their arm. These are the issues that you have resolve first, or it will never be a success. You can overcome these obstacles and win! Be honest with yourself and meet the demons head on. With the right coach, support this CAN happen!

Once you do, you need a very specific action plan. Why is this important? How will you work around those triggers? Who will be there in a positive way to support you? Be time specific with your goals but realistic. Make sure you reward yourself for making your goal with a new golf club, or manicure. Do things you enjoy and be open to try new activities. This rule goes for nutrition as well. You might find a whole new world of foods that you enjoy that are healthy. Consistently grow with your action plan! Be specific however you might find that some things are not working for you so you may need to change it a bit and that’s alright. Have a good sense of humor as you may succeed at everything you do at first but that is how we learn. Keep your eye on the road, this is not a destination but a journey. Think of what you will feel like when you will be like when you have boundless energy, love what you see when you look in the mirror, confidence in all that you do and love life every minute. Now, take those thoughts and live them NOW! You are that champion now for taking this first step and don’t look back ever! You can do it!  IMG_0081

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