Preventative Care Is More Important Than You Might Think!

I know that most people like positive posts and blogs, but sometimes there needs to be a good dose of reality. I’m not going to spout off statistics of obesity and diabetes rise because I know you have probably been bombarded to death with that sort of stuff. I’m going to make it real. Taking it back several years ago when a relative was receiving chemo at an area hospital.

This was just as before they really started the initiative of cost saving measures in the medical industry. This particular Oncologist was a self-centered jerk and allowed his staff to double and triple book his schedule. Get the picture? His waiting room was extremely uncomfortable. So, all of these dying patients who were on borrowed time, very sick and scared were having to wait sometimes up to two hours before their appointment and treatment which would take up to another six hours in really horrid conditions. You don’t want to know what I said to him and his staff after about the second visit. This is not unusual nor is it isolated to this specialty.

Notice, I said this was before the cost saving measures started taking place and the cuts in personnel started. Now, you have overworked staff that feel they are under appreciated. I’m sure the atmosphere is MUCH better!

This is the time, if not for yourself your families to take action. Start small by making simple steps in your diet like exchanging water for soda. Walk after meals for 15-20 minutes. Make sure you are getting enough sleep at night. Stop going to fast food restaurants! Try a new sport, but ask a trainer to show you how to do it properly. Add something every week and you will see how the positive impact will snowball your energy. Make it a fantastic week!

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