Crossfit & Pilates…What happened?

I’m sure by now, most of you have either heard or read in the news about the tragic accident that happened during a competition last month. 

There has been some questions surrounding the safety practices of the competition, such as stacked weights where he was lifting. My bigger issue is that, not just with Crossfit but I have seen this with many Pilates studios as well, they have gotten away from the pure form of the discipline. Why, perhaps giving the studio owners the benefit of the doubt it’s they saw their own vision of what it should be. On the darker side, they were trying to make a quick buck and thought they could cut a new niche out and call it their own. Whatever the case, when something good is watered down and the rules of the game are not followed it’s only a matter of time when someone will be injured.

I remember hearing a client coming back from college telling me that her roommate had just gotten a job at the University’s Rec Plex as a Pilates Instructor. I asked what certification she had gone through to get it? She told me, none…she had watched a video! Really? Where has our industry lead us! 

Point being, please ask for credentials before taking a class or hiring a trainer.  Do your homework, it’s worth the time! You have one body, your goal is to improve it not to injure and destroy.

Let’s get back to basics. This is where the real benefits and work is accomplished!

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