What’s In Store For 2014?

About this time of year the New Year’s Resolutions start to develop as we attend yet another Christmas party and promise that we will be better tomorrow.

As you reflect on the past year, think about who and what is important in your life. It’s not an event that you should be trying to get into shape for, it’s the people who you love in your life that matter.

I recently heard of a woman who actually walked out of a group exercise class because she was so annoyed at the instructor who kept yelling something to the effect, “Let’s go! We have to get in shape for the summer months and those swimsuits girls!” As this lady kept going, she just kept thinking, what would her daughter think if she heard that message? Not what she wanted her to think! That wasn’t the message she had been trying to convey for a healthy

Make 2014 Your Best Year!
Make 2014 Your Best Year!

self-esteem. BRAVO!

The point being, why are YOU wanting to get healthy and fit? Is it to be around for another fifty years to share with your spouse? Or, to be a good mentor to your children? That’s what it’s all about.  

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